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16.Nov, 201800

How To Clean Roof Tiles With A High-Pressure Cleaner In Pretoria

Here’s how to clean your tile roof. The reason we clean our tile roof is it improves its appearance, and also, it increases the longevity of your tile roof amongst other things. The tools you need for this job are safety goggles, protective gloves, a high-pressure cleaner, and some chemical to help remove the lichen and moss from your roof. When using a pressure cleaner, you’re going to need to consider where your tap is, and the hose line you need to get to where your pressure cleaner’s going to be. And also, where your power’s going to come from….

6.Nov, 201700

Finding the best kitchen cupboard spray painters in Pretoria just got a whole lot easier!

So, your kitchen cupboards are looking a little worse for the wear, or maybe desperately crying out for help, which means it’s time to start finding an expert to do a makeover that will last. What makes it a real challenge is that there are many kitchen cupboard spray painters in Pretoria that make the choice of a reliable, trusted expert even more difficult! Can you really rely on the quality of the workmanship? How much of a mess will they leave behind and will the paint job last longer than a month before it starts cracking and sticking where…

23.Oct, 201700

Source competitively priced quotes from accredited painting contractors in Pretoria with just one request!

Are you looking for fully accredited house painters and commercial painting contractors in Pretoria without having to spend countless hours trying to sort the good from the bad? The simplest, most direct route to finding the most professional, accredited painting contractor in Pretoria is to turn to Painters Pretoria! This is a team that has taken all the effort out of your hands by doing the necessary research that gives you access to 3 or 4 quotes from the cream of the crop in terms of interior/exterior painters in Pretoria! Even if you are an expert at the smaller DIY…

19.Oct, 201700

3 Reasons Why Postponing Maintenance On Your Property Will Cost You More In The Long Run And What You Should Do Instead

Improving and repairing the exterior of your property can be quite expensive and experts believe that a home should be painted every eight years at least. If you think that painting every eight years isn’t necessary, you might want to think again since waiting longer will most probably cost you more in the long haul.   Below are the top three additional costs you can expect to pay when deciding to postpone your exterior maintenance and paint job.   Additional labour expenses The longer your property is exposed to the elements, the more preparation will need to be done and…

19.Oct, 201700

Benefits Of Hiring Painting Contractors In Pretoria For Your Next Painting Project

Every eight to ten years, your home will need a fresh coat of paint to protect it from the elements while keeping it looking great.   Should You Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro?   The majority of people consider painting a home to be straightforward – you dip your roller in paint and apply it to to the walls. How hard can that be? But there are other things to consider. Let’s look at some of those:   Hiring Painting Contractors in Pretoria might save you time   Ever heard the saying: Time is Money? You might be…

9.Oct, 201700

Looking for hassle-free competitive quotes from the best interior painters in Pretoria?

The right interior painting company will do far more than just slap a few coats of paint on your walls; their role in the project is not just to give your remodelling project a fresh new look, it is also to make sure that good quality painting techniques will leave you with walls that you can live with happily for years to come. You will no doubt have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for in terms of colours that will suit the décor in your home, but what you really need is someone with the experience…

25.Sep, 201700

Is it really this easy to get 4 quotes from exterior painters in Pretoria with just one online request?

We spend most of our time on the interior décor of our homes, and with the incredibly vast array of colours that can be used to great effect on the walls, colours we wouldn’t even dream of using on the exterior of our homes, it can be quite a challenge when it comes to deciding what to do with the exterior when it’s time to give your home a new look on the outside. Most of us paint the exterior of our homes every ten years or so, making the decision a lot more difficult; once it’s done, you will…

20.Oct, 20150Comments Off on Interior And Exterior Painting Of Walls Business Or Office

Interior And Exterior Painting Of Walls Business Or Office

Are your business premises looking a little tired? Perhaps you have an office or commercial premises that are in need of repainting? If so we can help; we can find you the best prices from the very best interior painting and exterior painting providers in the business, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. What’s more, it’s a free service, and there’s no obligation whatsoever! We have access to the very best office painters in and around Cape Town and all our listed service providers are reputable, reliable, and deliver quality results every time. Painting walls…

20.Oct, 20150Comments Off on Local List Of Residential And Commercial Painting Contractors

Local List Of Residential And Commercial Painting Contractors

If you are looking for a price for residential or commercial painting services in and around Cape Town then look no further! We have a list of painters in the area who provide reliable and top quality services, and we can get you prices from three service providers in no time at all. What’s more, our service is completely free, so you don’t need to spend the time searching for reputable local painters – we will do it for you. Whether you are in need of commercial painters for your premises or residential painting contractors we can help. All paintwork…

20.Oct, 20150Comments Off on Get Painting Prices From 3 Painting Companies

Get Painting Prices From 3 Painting Companies

Is your house in need of repainting? All paintwork weathers and fades over time – both inside and out – and it can be difficult to find the time to do the job yourself. Furthermore, you may not be confident you have the skills to provide the results you want, so why not consider a professional? We offer a quotation service in Cape Town and the surrounding area that allows you to get painting prices from three companies – and all for free! That’s right, we don’t charge, and we assure you that all our service providers are reputable, reliable…